Setanta Sports for Beeline Subscribers

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Setanta Sports for Beeline Subscribers

 From March 24st, Beeline is launching a partnership with the international, digital platform Setanta Sports.


Setanta Sports offers: 

  • Variety of exclusive sports content;

  • A wide range of live broadcasts – 5000+Live in the year, including Live streams of major sporting events.

  • Extensive catalog of videos.


In terms of the partnership, activate Setanta Sport package and get additional gigabytes:


Activate the Setanta Sport package for 12 ₾ and get 5 GB

Activate the Setanta Sport package for 25 ₾ and get 20 GB







To use the service:


  • Visit Beeline promo codes platform
  • Select and purchase the desired package
  • Go through a simple verification
  • The amount will be deducted from the mobile balance and the corresponding (5 GB or 20 GB) internet package will be activated.
  • You will receive the Setanta promo code via SMS
  • Then Visit Setanta website
  • As a payment method, choose - Activation Without Card
  • Register with your mobile number
  • Activate the promo code received via SMS
  • By activating the promo code, you will get access to the Setanta Sports package.


Megabytes and Setanta Sports Premium Package Validity - 30 days.


After 1 month, if you want to continue using the service, visit Beeline promo codes platform again, select and activate the desired package for Setanta Sports.

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