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Crazy Yellow Friday for Eshop

Price: 5 ₾
Valid: 30 Days
Activation: *225#

Detailed description

Balance check: *101#
The bundle activation is possible only on Friday, from 00:00 am till 23:59 pm.
If the bundle units are used before the expiration date, charging will continue from other data bundle balance (if such exists) or from your mobile number balance, according to standard tariff: 1 MB – 10 tetri.
If the same package is activated on the same day, existing package is cancelled and new one will work
It is possible to activate different data bundles simultaneously. In case of several data bundles, the data consumption will occur from the bundle which has the earlier expiration date.
Automatic prolongation doesn’t work for the package. After date expiration package will be deactivated. Charging will continue from another internet balance (if such exists) of from your amount of your numbers account, in accordance with standard price: 1 MB - 10 tetri.
Parameter of mobile internet service quality: delay <150 millisecond