NASA Space Apps Challenge 2022 Was Held in Georgia with the Support of Beeline

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NASA Space Apps Challenge 2022 Was Held in Georgia with the Support of Beeline

Beeline traditionally supports the local competition of the world's largest international hackathon - NASA Space Apps Challenge. Hackathon 2022 gathered 100 participants and 19 innovative ideas.


The Georgian event of the largest hackathon on the planet was completed on October 2. The event was hosted by Kutaisi International University (KIU).


After two days of intensive work, the teams presented their ideas and project prototypes to the jury. The TON 618 team won first place and received 5,000 GEL and the opportunity to present the project at the NASA Space Apps Challenge global competition.


The winning project facilitates the process of finding information in NASA databases. The application uses Artificial Intelligence to help scientists, researchers, students and all interested people find specific information in a large database faster and easier.


Second place went to the IGN team, which described NASA's unprecedented project - Parker Solar Probe’s journey from the Earth to the Sun in the most understandable form for young audiences - as a comic book.


Kutaisi International University’s and Edison’s special prizes went to the Space T-Rex and How Dare You teams.


NASA Space Apps is an annual hackathon that takes place in 300 different cities around the world and attracts thousands of participants. The goal of the project is that the young participants of the hackathon in a limited time (48 hours) work together on real NASA data and find innovative solutions to the most urgent problems of the planet and space.


In addition to working on their own projects as a team, participants had the opportunity to attend workshops led by the nation's leading experts on topics such as data science, prototyping, UI/UX design, data visualization, storytelling, and astrophotography.


In addition to the direct NASA data, hackathon participants used data from space research centers in Australia, Canada, Brazil, Europe, Japan, Argentina, Mexico, India, Bahrain, Paraguay, and South Africa.


NASA Space Apps Challenge Tbilisi & Kutaisi 2022 was organized by Startup Bureau.


The hackathon was hosted by Tech Park Georgia and Kutaisi International University.


As part of its digital strategy and corporate social responsibility, Beeline continues to support the development of the startup ecosystem and innovation in Georgia. The company's goal is to promote new opportunities for young people and motivate them.