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Utility Services


Beeline customer can instantly get complete information about the status of utility services for free, using a simple code



The customers of Beeline, which is a member of the international group “VEON”,  Beeline,  have the opportunity to instantly get information about electricity, natural gas and water supply services by dialing a simple code from their cell phones. By sending the code *303# from the cell phone, the customer may:

  • Check the current balance of utility services
  • Request an electronic receipt
  • Receive information about the scheduled or unscheduled  interruption of electricity, water and natural gas network and the time of resuming supply
  • Obtain data about supply interruption for the prompt response
  • Upon request, send the meter reading to the company
  • Register the cell phone number of the desired subscriber
  • Find out the address of the company and the hotline number.


* 303 # service is available for any type of cell phone and does not require downloading of special software.